Beast AWD ATV Deluxe

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This all wheeled drive ATV just got even better! With the Deluxe you get snow plows for the winter time, a ball joint for towing aluminum rims and more. But don't let all these extra bells and whistles distract you from the excitement that you will be having ripping through forest and just about anything that stands in your way. The Beast ATV Deluxe has got the extra perks for the best electric ATV.


The Beast ATV Deluxe comes with a 4 point LED spotlight headlights that provide full vision in the darkest of nights. Ride this epic ATV from noon to midnight and don't let what's in the dark get the best of you.


Also featuring an oversized rear trunk that allows you to store whatever you need, be it hunting gear, camping gear and more! It also features a back rest for when you have two riders to maximize comfort.

Gas Shocks

The Beast ATV deluxe now also comes with gas shocks! With the additional gas shocks take the hills with comfort and enjoy a smooth ride when you're plowing through the fields.