Beast AWD ATV Ultimate

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The season to ride is now! Don't let rain snow, mud or any elements stop you from taking off on the brand new Beast ATV Ultimate. Get major increases top speed, acceleration and range on the already fan favourite the Beast AWD ATV. The All Wheeled Drive ATV now features both a lithium ion and lead acid back up battery pack system. Choose from running off the fast charging lithium ion pack, or the standard lead acid with a flip of a switch or turn them both on for maximum power. The Beast ATV Ultimate comes with built in inverter that allows you to charge all your devices or run them right of the ATV with a 11V outlet or USB! Go the farthest distance of any electric ATV yet by increasing the lithium battery pack up to 8 times for a max range of up to 360 km

Lithium Ion Batteries

Get the range and torque that you've always wanted with these 60V 40AH lithium ion battery packs. Choose from 1 to 8 packs, giving you a range from 100 km up to 360 km. Make your ATV trip a long epic one!

Built-In Inverter

The Beast ATV Ultimate also features a built in inverter, which allows you to run and charge small devices off the battery. Whether you're pumping your camping mattress, or you really don't want to miss the game, this ATV has got you covered!


Just because the Beast ATV Ultimate is quiet doesn't mean you have to be! With the Beast Ultimate ATV you have two speakers to listen to all your favourite tunes while you're joy riding! Be as quiet or as loud as you want!