Boomerbuggy Power Folding

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The Boomerbuggy Power Folding mobility scooter is exactly what it sounds like; an electric mobility scooter that folds completely with a press of a button! This fully foldable mobility scooter has taken ease of transportation to a whole new level. Press the remote control once and it folds automatically and then press it again to unfold it. The whole unit weighs only 64 lbs so this little scooter can easily be packed in a trunk of car or wherever you need to store it. It's short wheel base makes it ideal for those who have to go into elevators or really narrow spaces, while it's electro-magnetic brakes automatically engage so you won't roll down even if you're on a hill. Get back outside and enjoy the outdoors with the Daymak Boomerbuggy Power Folding Mobility Scooter!

Removable Lithium Battery Packs

With the Boomerbuggy Power Folding, you can charge the lithium ion packs directly in the scooter, or you can lift the batteries out and charge them in your home or office!

Adjustable handlebar stem

Whether you are 5 feet tall or 6, feel comfortable riding on the Boomerbuggy Power Folding. The easy to use clamp allows you to adjust it to the perfect height in seconds!

Power Folding

Sometimes you got to just call it what it is! The coolest feature of the Boomerbuggy Power Folding is the?power folding! With a simple click of the remote you can fold it in literal seconds! The perfect travel companion.