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The Daymak Cargo Ebike is the ebike that works for you! With the success of the Daymak Utility we decided to make an electric bicycle that captures the same essence. The Cargo Ebike comes with front and rear storage baskets making it the perfect work companion. Whether you are doing food delivery services, or just need something to help carry your tools the Cargo ebike has got you taken care of. With the dual lithium-ion battery packs you can travel over 35 kms autonomously per battery. Best of all the Cargo ebike operates fully with only one battery! That means you can put one battery to charge while you?re out running errands or even just going out for some fresh air! Make your ebike work for you with the all new Daymak Cargo Ebike available now!

Front and Rear Baskets

The Cargo ebike wouldn?t be called just that if it wasn?t for the cargo space! With the front and rear basket the Cargo space is perfect for food delivery or just about whatever else you may need on your trip!

Dual Removable Lithium Batteries

With the Cargo Ebike you get two lithium-ion batteries. Switch from running one to the other for twice the amount of range. And it runs fully with only one battery in it so you can put the other on charge.

20 x 4 Fat Tires

Make sure you get stability and comfort with the 20 x 4 fat tires. Fat tire ebikes are the newest craze! Try them for yourself and see why they are trending so quickly as the go to for electric bicycles.