Daymak Escooterinabox

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The Escooterinabox keeps it all together with elegance, style and sophistication with its graphite colored frame. The easy to use push throttle and simple operation makes it easy for just about anyone to learn in minutes! With the built in LED headlights, stay visible day or night. The Escooterinabox is perfect for travelling as it folds in just a few seconds and comes with an folding clip that allows you to pick it up and carry it with ease. With the Bluetooth MP3/Handsfree calling device, you can make phone calls, and play your favorite playlist while your out and about. Best of all, it only takes just a few minutes to assemble before its ready to ride. Top to bottom this electric scooter is a cut above the rest and at an amazing price!

LED Display

With the LED display on the Speed 2 you can keep track of how fast you are going and which speed mode you’re on a built-in seamless frame design.

Foldable with Clip

The Speed 2 is fully foldable in seconds making it easy to store. With the folding clip you can latch the handlebars to the rear wheel making it simple to carry too!

Pressure Sensitive Push Throttle

Give it a little push and then hit the throttle to start the fun! Get up to speeds of up to 25 km/h with the push of a button!