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Part of the 'Inabox' series is the brand new Ebikeinabox. Taking the design and style of the ever-popular London 20, the Ebikeinabox is here with some new features that make it a must have for commuting, exercise, or just plain fun! It's stylish and compact packing allows you to easily unfold the ebikeinabox in a matter of minutes and it's ready to go! The Ebikeinabox also comes with a Bluetooth MP3 torch that connects directly to your smart phone so you can play music and even answer phone calls on the fly! Now the Ebikeinabox has a 5 amp charger that can charge your bike in a couple of hours. And it still comes with the other great features that photosensitive headlights that turn on automatically at night, LED turn signals and built in LCD display. The Daymak Ebikeinabox is always ready to go where you're ready to go!

5 Amp Charger

The Ebikeinabox comes with a 5 Amp charger that can charge your bike fully in as little as 1 hour! We want to keep you out and riding as much as possible!

Bluetooth Torch

With the Ebikeinabox you get a Bluetooth MP3 player and handsfree calling device so you have some awesome theme music on your adventure! It also comes with a flashlight, neat!

Assembles in minutes

The Ebikeinabox comes almost fully assembled in a neat package! Makes for a great gift for someone you care about, and an even better gift for yourself!

Turn Signals

The Ebikeinabox features built in turn signals that help indicate where you are going. Press the indicator button on the display, and once your turn is complete it will automatically turn itself off!

Photosensitive LED lights

The Ebikeinabox has photosensitive LED headlights that automatically turn on to the right amount depending on how much visibility you have. You can also turn them on automatically if you need an extra bit of light during the daytime.


The Ebikeinabox is a fully foldable ebike that folds into 36" x 27" x 18" making it perfect to take travelling with you on road trips, or storing it inside through the winter.