EC1 Professional

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The very affordable Daymak EC1 e-bike is the ground breaking carbon fiber bike that weighs as much as the average bicycle! The EC1 offers the rider a lightweight sturdy ride while giving a sophisticated and minimalistic feel to an otherwise technologically advanced bike. The EC1 Pro also has Shimano hydraulic disc brakes for better stopping power. The Pro is also fitted with a carbon fiber seat post, seat, handlebar, stem, and forks to reduce the weight even further!

Carbon Fiber Forks

If you are doing city commuting the EC1 Pro is right for you! With the Carbon Fiber Forks, you trade suspension for a decrease in weight and an increase in speed. Also with the matte black finish it looks even sleeker than ever!

Carbon Fiber Seat

The EC1 pro comes with another carbon fiber upgrade that reduces the weight even further. With this carbon fiber seat reduce the weight by another 2 lbs. This hard seat is for those avid cyclists who are looking for the lightest ebike.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The EC1 Pro now comes with Shimano M365 Hydraulic Disc Brakes. With these high powered brakes you can stop virtually on a dime on a moment’s notice. Ride safer and avoid any surprises with the EC1 Pro.