Green Choice F1 72 Volt High Performance

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The incredible Green Choice Moto 72 Volt F1. A fast fun electric motorcycle that will turn heads. 72 Volt Lead Acid also available with Lithium.

Hard to believe at first site this is an electric scooter or electric motorcycle. With the frame size of a 400cc or 600cc gas motorbike bystanders first thought isn't Ebike. The amazing Green Choice Moto 72 Volt F1.

Battery: Tianneng Sealed Lead Acid 72V, 20AH Optional Battery: 72V 28AH Lithium Battery 500W Motor: Maximum Power: 2736W Electrical system: 12V Range: Over 50 KM 3 Speeds Brake Type: Dual Front & Single Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes. Available colors: Black, Blue, Red , White. One year warranty on motor, controller and batteries.