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The Magic 12v Toy Car with full remote (you can control your child!) has psychedelic lights and multiple songs will keep your child entertained. The Magic 12v also come loaded with MP3 hookup to be able to play your own music while cruising around at up to 5km\h. With the largest amount of space of any of our toy cars, the Magic will suit most kids well into their first growth spurt. A great toy to ride along with a friend!

Dual Seats

The Magic comes with dual seats that allows two riders to ride at the same time. Don't leave one child waiting to take turns when they can both ride and enjoy some quality time together! Both seats come with seatbelts so they are snug in place!

LED Headlights

These LED lights are both colorful and eye catching. With the Daymak Magic toy car you have high powered LED lights that flash multiple different colours as you ride. Let your kid turn heads with these funky lights!

MP3 Connectivity

The Magic also comes with multiple motor sounds and best of all, connects to your smart phone or MP3 player to allow you to play whatever music you desire. Let everyone enjoy your awesome taste in music while you ride down the street!