Manchester 48V

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The newest edition to Daymak's line of ebikes is the Manchester 48V! The Manchester 48V comes with a built in 48V lithium ion battery that gives you up to 40 km range autonomously on a single charge. The Manchester also features turn signal handlebars that automatically turn off as soon as your turn is finished. Other features include 4 levels of Pedal assist, automatic LED front and rear lights and, 9 speed Shimano Altus shifters. Get back on the road and ride further with this powerful and fun electric bike. The Daymak Manchester 48V is now available at your local Daymak dealer.

Turn Signals

The Manchester features built in turn signals that help indicate where you are going. Press the indicator button on the display, and once your turn is complete it will automatically turn itself off!

Photosensitive LED lights

The Manchester has photosensitive LED headlights that automatically turn on to the right amount depending on how much visibility you have. You can also turn them on automatically if you need an extra bit of light during the daytime.

Adjustable SR Suntour Shocks

The Manchester comes with adjustable Shimano SR Suntour shocks with 5" of travel. Make your trip as smooth as you like, or make them stiff if you are looking to go just a little bit faster!