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Do you want that special little guy or girl to impress all their friends and their parents? Well get them a gift we know they'll love, the Maserati GC Sport from Daymak. This fully licensed Maserati ride on toy car is modeled after the elegant and amazing Grand Cabria sport and the detail that goes into it truly shows. From the smooth designs on the LED front headlights, to the Maserati emblem on the front grill, this is about as close as a replicable to the real thing you can get! But it's not enough if it just looks really nice, this fully electric ride on has dual motors for extra driving power and comes with a remote control so that you can take control if they have a bit of a lead foot. It also has a MP3 player that connects via USB or Bluetooth so they can listen to their favourite songs, or you can listen to yours while you watch them. Get the Maserati Grand Cabria Sport ride on toy car and watch your loved one smile with joy, now available from Daymak!

Remote Control

The Maserati Grand Cabria Sport comes with a wireless remote control so you can take over the driving for the child! Perfect to get the little ones riding early, or keeping the thrill seekers safe!

Carrying Handle

Once the kids done for the day you can use this extendable handle to wheel this back inside to charge it up again. It also makes it easy to get it up and down stairs!

USB \ Bluetooth MP3 and Radio

The Daymak Maserati GC Sport comes with USB MP3 player and can even play music through Bluetooth so the child can rock out to their favourite songs! It also has a radio, in case your mp3 playlist isn't their cup of tea!