Max 48v

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Now available is the Max 48V, the newest fat tire ebike from Daymak. This is one of the hot new bikes of the summer for both on and off-road adventures. The Max 48V is similar to the New Yorker in many ways, but with a price point that can not be beaten. The Max 48V comes with 20 x 4-inch fat tires and shocks with 3″ of travel you experience a smooth ride on the road, and a stable ride off. Choose from 1 of 5 levels of pedal assist or use the push throttle mode and ride without pedaling at all. Get the brand new Daymak Max 48V now available and get back outdoors.

20 x 4 Fat Tires

The Max 48V also comes with CST 2.0 x 4 fat tires, with hollowed out rims. The large tires gives you control and comfort when riding over rugged terrain while the hollowed out rims slightly reduces the overall weight without compromising strength!

Digital LED Display

The Max 48V comes with a back lit Led display that shows your current Voltage, trip distance, battery meter, speed, level of pedal assist and more. Keep an eye on the important metrics for every trip you take!

Removable Lithium Ion Battery

With the Max 48V, you also get a 48V 7.8AH (281WH) removable lithium ion battery pack. Lock it into place and charge it in the bike, or unlock it and bring it inside your home or office while not in use!