Mini Pithog

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The Daymak Mini Pithog is back again and with new features to every kid's favourite electric dirt bike. Give your loved one hours of fun on the fully automatic Mini Pithog. New features for the Mini Pithog include a 500W chain drive motor which gives you lots of power and reduced weight! Also, the Mini Pithog comes with a 3 speed switch which is only adjustable by key so you can start the kids off slow with a maximum speed of 5 km\h and when they're ready unlock the full potential get up to speeds of 25 km\h! Have your kid rip it through trails or race their friends in their own home-made motocross track circuit! Get their love for the outdoors, adventure and speed started early with the Mini Pithog available now! Adult assembly is required.

3 Speed Safety Switch

The Mini Pithog comes with a 3 speed safety switch which locks the maximum speed at 5 km\h, 15 km\h, and 25 km\h. This is a perfect way to keep your kids safe as they are learning, and satisfy their thrills and need for speed as they master it!

500W Chain Drive Motor

Get the power to rip it up the dirt hills with the 500W chain drive motor. No need for switch gears with this electric motor, so it's as easy to ride as riding a bike!

Front and Rear Disc Brakes

Just as important as getting top speeds is making sure it stops when you need it to! The Mini Pithog comes with front and rear disc brakes to make sure they can stop when necessary! Make sure to stop with the rear brakes first!