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The third part of the 'Inabox' series is the brand new Mobiltyinabox. This easy to use mobility scooter is small, lightweight and has a short wheelbase to make it perfect for tight corners and all-around storage. Easily fold it in seconds to make it perfect for storing in the winter, or for use for the last mile on any trip or outing. The Mobilityinabox also requires very little assembly, making it the perfect gift for just about anyone! With the rear storage rack, you can put a basket or whatever you deem fit on the back of the Mobilityinabox to add a bit of utility for your mobility. It also comes with a carrying rail that allows you to wheel the whole scooter like a suitcase if you need to! One of our new features for the Mobilityinabox is it comes with a fast charger that charges the unit in as little as 1 hour! Don't let anything stop you from enjoying the outdoors with the Daymak Mobilityinabox now available!


The Mobiltyinabox makes for the perfect travelling companion with it being able to fold and be stored in tight compartments!

LED Headlights

The Mobiltyinabox features LED headlights. These bright lights are very low in battery power usage, and keep you visible to all on comers

Removable Lithium Battery

The Mobiltyinabox comes with a removable battery pack that allows you to charge the unit both in and outside of the scooter.