Tofino X

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This stylish minimalist Ebike has the look and feel of a traditional bike, with the power and speed you know and love from Electric. The Tofino X keeps its shape and lithe frame with the help of a light weight porting a 36V Lithium Ion battery, which is discreetly hidden within the frame. The Tofino X also comes with a digital display, so you’ll always be able to confirm your range and state of charge on your device. Finally, the Tofino X is equipped with an adjustable, high-performance gel seat and a front light, for added safety and comfort. The future is bright with electric.

Bonus SaddleBags

\the new model of the Tofino X comes with saddlebags, keep your personal belongings in a locked extra bag until you need them.

Digital Display

The digital display includes a speedometer and odometer, so you will always be up to date on the state of your charge and your electric bikes’ current range. Knowledge is power!

Lithium Ion Battery

The Tofino X comes with a built in light weight 36V Lithium Ion battery. Building the battery directly into the frame ensures an effortlessly sleek design and chic aesthetic.