Roadstar Transformer

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The Roadstar Transformer is the cool new mobility from the oh so popular Roadstar line. The Transformer is the first Roadstar mobility scooter with dual motors allowing you to get more torque and that extra bit of traction needed to ride; rain or shine! Best of all, this mobility scooter has room for two! The Roadstar Transformer has a stool that slides out in-front of the main seat in which you can take a second rider! But it wouldn't be a Roadstar if it didn't come with the mainstay features that have made the Roadstar the premier mobility scooter including Bluetooth MP3 and Radio, RGB colour display and up to 24 km\h top speed. It's time to hit the road and this time you don't have to do it alone with the Roadstar Transformer. Now available at select Daymak dealers.

Dual Motor

The Roadstar Transformer comes with dual 350W motors! Great for if you're stuck in slush or snow, you can have direct power to that wheel. It's also great if you just want the extra power because going fast is fun!

Additional Passenger Seat

The Roadstar Transformer comes with an additional passenger seat so you and a friend can ride in tandem. Some adventures are best shared with other, but it can also be slid inside when not in use for extra leg room.

Dual Rear Suspension

An all new feature is the dual rear suspension! Not only does this scooter make a smoother ride when going over bumps, but slightly adjusts the height of the wheels so your level even when the floor is not!