Sasquatch Jr

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Don't leave your kids cooped up inside playing video games, when you can ride the Sasquatch Junior ATV and have REAL fun. Get the kids started young for a lifetime of excitement, speed and adventure with this electric ATV. Not to be confused with those plastic knock-offs, these ATVS are full alloy, powerful, and provide hours of fun! Great for ages 4-8, these ATVs will make you the coolest kid on the block. Bring a little old school fun in a new digital age by getting outside and playing until the sun goes down. Increase the speed as the kid gets older for the daring ones and let them show their inner quad racer.

Bluetooth Controller

The Sasquatch Junior features the Daymak Drive Bluetooth controller which allows you to limit the top speed so kids can safely learn to ride. Increase the top speed, acceleration and fully customize your ATV when your kids is comfortable and able!

Hydraulic Brakes

The Hydraulic Disc Brakes on the Sasquatch Jr, are powerful and effective. These brakes have serious stopping power, so that if you are going at full speed you will come to halt before danger arises.


If you are playing through the woods, or riding late at night, the Sasquatch Jr. features incandescent headlights that can be turned on and off to provide that extra bit of visibility. Keep an eye out, and make sure traffic keeps an eye on your kid!